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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Train Ride To KLCC

This post today is about the KL Sentral station.

Recently, I decided to go to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre) by train. I started the journey at the Subang Jaya KTM commuter station. KTMB stands for Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad which we usually shorten to KTM. It has been 14 years since KTMB first started providing commuter train services to the public. Subang Jaya, Kajang and Seremban are 3 of of the train stations that has been modified to be more disabled friendly. The services include special car parking spaces, ramps, special lanes and platforms. Other KTM stations will be upgraded in stages.

This is a disabled friendly toilet.

A disabled friendly lift.

The floor is laid with embosed tiles that are disabled friendly.

Once inside the train, I found that there are also certain special seats reserved for senior citizens, pregnant ladies and the handicaped. The map with routes and stops are prominently displayed on the ceiling while announcements over the PA system are made at every stop. Travelling is a breeze inside the clean and airconditioned coaches. I notice that there are quite a number of foreign tourists using the commuter trains for travel too.

A journey to from Subang Jaya to KL Sentral takes around 45 minutes and cost me RM 1.60. Tickets can be purchased at the automatic ticket venting machines or over the ticket counters. Frequent travellers find it more convenient to use the Touch N Go cards. The picture above here is the station at KL Sentral.

KL Sentral is an intermodal transportation hub that acts as the main transit point for buses and railway lines such as the light rail transit (LRT), monorail and commuter trains to other states. It is the gateway to and from the Kuala International Airport (KLIA) via KLIA Express. Taxi services are also available and you can buy taxi coupons at designated counters.

It is difficult for a person to make the mistake of taking the wrong trains as there are prominent signages and special entrances for different arrivals and departures. There is also an information counter with friendly staff to give assistance in case help is needed. I can buy tickets from the ticketing counter or vending machines. I even see the blind walking about independently, buying tickets and boarding the trains.

Last year, KL Sentral registered a daily trafic of more than 100,000 people. Facilities here include retail shops, pharmacy, food courts, bank, ATM machines, Forex or money changers, public phones, clinic and lockers. There is also a police booth and the surau. Oh yes! There are 3 hotels here:

1) Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel
2) Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur
3) Hotel Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

Hilton and Le Meridian are two 35 storeys high, 5-star hotels located adjacent to each other at KL Sentral. Hotel Sentral is a 3-star hotel.

This is the station at KL Sentral. I am going to take the LRT from here to KLCC. KLCC LRT station is an underground rapid transit station served by the Kelana Jaya Line. The ticket cost me RM 1.60. The journey from KL Sentral to KLCC will take me around 10-15 minutes.

Hey, my train has arrived. I am going on board now.
Till we meet again, Selamat Jalan, Bye, Bye!

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  1. Great facilities, very good accomodations for the passengers, didn't expected this. Great post, nice pictures.

  2. Taking train is fun but not when it is too packed and crowded.

  3. Having worked with/for the disabled a number of years ago, I can really, really appreciate the help that is available to them here. Marvelous photos and a very impressive place! Thanks for sharing!



  4. If all goes well, the Putra LRT (Kelana Jaya) Line would be extended to Subang Jaya 2012.

  5. I went to Padang Besar,Perlis by train.Well,I sleep during the journey.

  6. I've rode the LRT when I was last in KL, still trying to figure out the places it stop. Will be in KL hopefully in Dec, definitely going to take the train ride around town.

  7. Should be fun riding your trains. Good to know that its undergoing improvements to accommodate all possible passengers including the physically challenged or disabled. This is an informative post with beautiful pictures.

  8. Talk about traveling with amenities. Hope you had a wonderful journey and thanks fr bringing us along.
    Have a picture perfect day!

  9. interesting everyday photos. thanks for sharing.

  10. So colorful, I love the multi coloured turnstiles.

  11. Each time I find myself transiting from KL to somewhere else, I make it a point to do an overnight so I can go toe Petaling street. I'd take bus from KLIA to KLCC. Took the train once and it was jam-packed! Almost missed my stop. It was fun though.

  12. An excellent post, Autumn Belle. The station looks so friendly and clean. I loke the coloured turnstiles - much nicer than the utilitarian metal ones we have. I can't believe how cheap it is to travel either.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  13. It's nice to know that more and more of the world is accommodating the handicapped traveler. This train station is beautiful...very nice! And, beautiful captures from your lens!


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