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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jalan Hang Lekir Part 4 - Tai Kow Min Chinese Pancakes

This is the Tai Kow Min (or for easy rememberance - Thai Cow Mean) is actually chinese style crispy pancakes. Remember the food I mentioned in my previous post on Petaling Street and KL Chinatown ?
Tai Kow Min is also available in many wet markets, roadside stalls, night markets (pasar malam) and even food courts of modern shopping centres.

Here is how they make the Tai Kow Min. Some premixed flour bater is poured onto a flat metal mould on which some margarine has been added. A little sugar is sprinkled and the mixture is allowed to cook for a few minutes. When it is just ready, crushed roasted peanuts are sprinkled on top. When hot, it is extremely delicious and yummy. I love to eat it for breakfast with a cup of black coffee. Some prefer the skin to be thick while others like it thin and crisp, just like you have a choice of thick (pan) or crispy crust pizza. The crispy crust ones are smaller while the 'thick skined' ones are larger in diameter. I like it with an additional topping of canned sweet corn. Some stalls even use brown sugar in place of the white sugar. This was one of my favourite breakfast food as a kid growing up in a kampung.

Tai Kow Min has many names depending on what language or dialect you speak.

a) Bang Chang Kuih (Hokkien)
b) Apam Balik (Malay)
c) Jin Long Pau or Tai Kow Min (Cantonese)

It is a '1Malaysia' food enjoyed by all races. Anyone like to tell me the indian name or foreign language names of Tai Kow Min?

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  1. Mmmmmmm! They look delicious! Great photos! A really fun post for the day! Hope you have a great week and a very Happy New Year!


  2. OOH I'm really hungry. I miss this. It will be fantastic with Malaysian black coffee that is very "kao". Yumm. I like the thick one the most - fantastic when hot and walking around the wet market, and eating it straight from the newspaper, with the peanut sauce oozing out... I'm drooling...

  3. I love eating these! It's also known as apam Pulau Pinang.

  4. Bang Chang Kuih (Hokkien) yes my favorite. TQ

  5. Whoa, seems very delicious, especially when you described its skin! I don't know what we call them here in the Philippines, I've never seen one like it lol! But whatever you call it on English then it might be the same for us too.

    Much Love,

  6. Gotta love Tai Kau Min :-) CHEERS!!! Mmmhh... make me drool all the way in the Middle East!!

  7. i love this pan cheng kue.. we have something similar here in Sibu but not quite the same

  8. You have such a lovely way of bringing aspects of your culture to those of us who may not be familiar with it. The comparison to crispy pizza makes it easy to understand. That does sound good and I can't think of anything we have here that is similar..except the coffee...Michelle


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