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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Journey to Enlightment Signage at Chin Swee Temple, Genting

Taoist/Buddhist/Hindu parents can bring children to this place to teach them about the principles of Reincarnation and leading a Noble Life.  A depiction of each of the ten Chambers of Hell line a path that gently winds up a hill that ends at the giant statue of Amitabha Buddha. The walk up the path is named the Journey to Enlightenment because these chambers aim to discourage bad conduct and encourage good moral values by depicting the painful experiences an evil person would encounter in Hell.

In the background, can you see a reflection of a summer palace and myself, especially my hands?
This is my entry for Weekend Reflections # 25. To participate or view what others have posted for Weekend Reflections, please visit here.


  1. Interesting shot and commentary, I love your blog because I always learn something when I visit. I wish we had something that could teach some of our people these values.

  2. Thank you for leaving a very nice comment. :) I like this reflection. The texture and writing give it a really nice effect.


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