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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Challenge - Accidental Photography

This is my entry for this week's Thursday Challenge Theme which is "Accidental Photography". The photo was taken at The Curve Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya during 2009 Christmas season. Many people were enjoying the sensation of 'snow' falling from above.

I wanted to capture the beaty of the scene that I was experimenting with my Olympus FE-4000 point and shoot camera. I accidently used auto exposure mode with flash turned off when in fact I should be using 'night mode' photography. I'm quite sure the aperture speed has been set wrongly. Anyway, I find it a real challenge during night photography sessions with my current camera.

I shall be glad if anyone has some pointers for me.


  1. Dancing Christmas lights—
    bright jazz improvisations
    for the jaded eye.

    Accidental Panama

  2. Actually they do look weird but pretty weird, gwim?

  3. Low light is ALWAYS a challenge! It would have been pretty, though.

  4. I think too those lights are dancing !
    Greetings from Finland :)


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