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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chong Kong Tong Temple, Klang

This temple is situated along the first mile of Jalan Kapar, Klang. It is just behind Restaurant Yew Kee (famous for prawn noodle).

It's address is as follows:
24, Jalan Miri Kaw. 18, 41400 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Something from My World:
On Monday and Tuesday marks the 14th and 15th day of the 7th Lunar Month which is the season for the Hungry Ghost Festival. Chinese Cantonese Taoist celebrate this festival on 14th while Hokkiens and Buddhist celebrate on the 15th. We believe that in the 7th lunar month, the gates of hell (or Netherworld) are opened and the departed souls and spirits are free to roam the streets. Prayers are held at temples to bless their souls for a smooth reincarnation and at home, we burn paper money to our departed ones. During the daytime, we offer prayers to our ancestors at home and at the temples. At night, after dusk, we will burn incense, joss and paper money outside our homes and offer some food to the wandering souls. Children are advised to stay indoors after dark. During this whole month, we also try to avoid swimming activities and the sea as many believe that the souls of those who died at sea/swimming will be looking for substitudes before they can reborn again. This festival is still actively practised to this day. To read more, please visit Wikipedia here.

This is my entry for That's My World Tuesday Season 2 Episode 46. To view what others have in their world, please visit here.


  1. Hi Autumn Belle, a beautiful temple. I guess people still go there to worship and get inspiration. Interesting to see it in all its glory between those two drab appartements. In a way it is a pity that it is all modernised but I guess this is the way to go to house many people. All over the world old buildings and historical areas have been torn down and later it was regretted.

  2. How very beautiful a sight. Thank you as well for the information and teaching me something I did not know before. Please have a good Tuesday.

    daily athens

  3. The gates of hell are opened and the souls of the dead are free to roam the streets ... yikes!!

    A beautifully ornate temple .,.

  4. Beautiful temple and lovely photo and post! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Hope you have a great week!


  5. eh... do you have pictures of Hungry Ghost Festival prayer? That would make an interesting subject.

  6. Fascinating. And such a gorgeous temple!

  7. Must be a well loved temple to be so welldecorated and maintained.

  8. Chong Kong Tong temple is the nearest Temple of Taoism from Klang Utama, Malaysia where I live. I love Taoist.


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