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Friday, December 17, 2010

My Phone Service is Out!

Toys at Mid Valley Christmas 2010

Sometime after lunch on Thursday, December 16th, my phone lines went dead. Suddenly, I was cut off from the WWW without any prior notification or warning.  I can't use my telephone, wireless broadband and direct dial-up services. This is due to TMnet upgrading their services in stages.

It was still down today until late at night. Hopefully, they have finished their upgrading exercise. The funny thing is that this happens every few months since the first day I had my broadband.

I am so thankful I can use my phone line again.


  1. mine lagi teruk la...everytime it rain and there is thunder sure will be down for at least 6 hours!

    Thats why i have so much time to read books

  2. Alamak, you too? Sometimes, I say to myself, on the positive side, when there is no line, we can do other offline stuff like reading and meeting with friends. But the cut-off time is just too long. What if there are urgent/emergency mails.


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