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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Travelling Along The Penang Bridge

1. Prai Industrial Area

2. Beyond the vast expense of the ocean is the faraway horizon, the line where the earth meets the sky. 

3. Travelling along the bridge, I could feel the vibrations below my feet.
The high-rise buildings and concrete jungle of Penang Island are just visible from here. 

4. We are nearing the most beautiful part of the 13.5 km long Penang Bridge.

5. Nice apartments along the coastline with views of the sea in front and blue mountains at the back.

6. At this point, we could enjoy the views of the vast ocean, the blue skies, the ships and vessels. The island is beautiful. The wind was strong and it was also very noisy as vehicles zoomed passed us. It was a strange but a bit scary feeling standing there with the big sea just below my feet. It was as though I was floating in the air just above the blue sea. This is not my first time on the bridge. I remember those days before the bridge was completed, we had to use the ferry to go to Penang Island. My late father would always toss a coin into the ocean when the ferry started. He told me that it was for a safe journey.

When was the last time you sat on a ferry?

Scenic Sunday

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  1. Gorgeous pics. They remind me a little of San Francisco bridges. It looks like you're having nice weather, too.

  2. Beautiful sceneries! The last time I sat one ferry...?!! Probably when I was in primary school, more than 20 years I bet!^-^


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