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Monday, December 6, 2010

White Poinsettias

The white poinsettias here are used to decorate Christmas trees with winter snow themes. They look nice with silver edging and glittery centre. I have never seen any other colours except red when it comes to live plants here in Malaysia.

Have you seen real poinsettias plants in other colours?

This is my entry for Weekend in Black and White, the link is here. My grateful thanks to Dragonstar.


  1. You know like i said,one thing i love dropping by your blog is that i can learn a thing or two from it everytime i am here,, like this one possiantias,,, never knew that, botanically speaking i am plain idiot..

    wishing you a great week ahead ya

  2. Lovely photo. Here in Canada we have greenhouse grown poinsettias in a variety of colours, pink, burgundy, peach, milky green, red, cream, and white.

  3. Like Karen, I've seen several colours in the shops - but mostly red at this time of year. I have one from last year that still grows well (in the house) but no red so far. Maybe in spring...

    Your photo is very lovely.


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