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Friday, April 15, 2011

A Walk Along Penang Esplanade

Fort Cornwallis is named after the 18th century Governor-General of Bengal, India, Charles Cornwallis. It's origin dates back to 1810. It is the largest standing fort in Malaysia. In its entire history, this fort had never engaged in any battle.

You can see some old cannons at the fort. The largest cannon, known as the Seri Rambai Cannon, was cast in 1603. It was a gift from the Dutch to the Sultan of Johore in 1606. In 1613, the Portuguese took possession of Seri Rambai. The cannon was taken to Java, where it stayed until 1795, when it was given to Acheh and brought to Kuala Selangor. The British seized the cannon and placed it in the fort in 1871. Other attractions to look out for include the following:
  1. A replica of the camp set up by the British upon their first landing Penang.
  2. A statue of Captain Francis Light.
  3. The Fort Cornwallis Chapel
The fort has been gazetted on Sept 8, 1977, under the Antiquities Act 168/ 1976, as an Ancient Monument and Historic site.

The Fort Cornwallis Lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in Malaysia.

A cenopath to remember war heroes.

Updated 11.11.11
This cenopath is a memorial for the military personnel and civilians who lost their lives and died fighting gallantly to protect the country, i.e. the fallen heroes in the various wars that took place after 1914. A Rememberance Day event was started in 2001. I think this is a yearly affair attended by the Penang Veterans Associaiton (PVA) with wreath-laying ceremony and observation of two minute silence as a mark of respect to honour those killed in the war.

"We must never forget the ravages and loss of lives during WW I and WW II. War is dreadful and should be avoided whenever possible. Let us remember the strength and determination shown by our uniform combat forces, police and local militia who defended human dignity. We mus also remember the Commonwealth forces who came to our aid and stood by us during our time of need." ..... Lim Guan Eng, Penang Chief Minister, Star Metro 11 Nov 2011

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  1. a well-known historical building.

  2. These are beautiful photos. Lovely memorial and monuments.

  3. been there once. Well kept and clean

  4. Nice shots,it'd been quite sometime since i last visited this fort.

  5. we have cornwallis here too.

    Is that chip restaurant still there?

  6. Great post and photos. The Memorial is wonderful and the Lighthouse is cool looking. Happy skywatching!

  7. Fort Cornwallis named after Charles Cornwallis huh? Being standing there almost year after year for the GP races, parked my car there for ages and yet didnt know this fact. Need to learn from someone all the way from Klang. *paiseh* Still not too late to pick up facts haha tQ

  8. Hi friends, thanks for the visit and making me smile!


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