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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rainforest Treasures

A picture of our tropical rainforest in Ipoh, Malaysia.

There are 2 types of Rainforests in the world, namely Temperate and Tropical Rainforests.

Tropical rainforests are forests with tall trees, warm climate and lots of rain.

In Malaysia, our rainforests used to occupy a much larger area but logging and development has destroyed much of it.

Features of a tropical rainforest:

  1. Located in the 'tropics' region
  2. Rainfall of 80 inches per year
  3. Has a canopy of trees where most of the animals and plants live
  4. Has a high level of biodiveristy of flora and fauna
  5. It is home to about half of the Earth's plants and animals species

Rainforests are also called "Pharmacy of the World". More than a quarter of the world's medicine originates from its plants.

Rainforests are important because

  1. home to many plants and animals
  2. stabilize the world's climate
  3. protect against flood, drought and erosion
  4. source of medicines and food
  5. home to many indigeneous people.

Sources of information:

a) Wikipedia
b) www.mongabay.com

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  1. So many shades of green! It looks fresh and beautiful.

  2. 80" of rain a year!!! Not for me.
    But the picture is nice! lol

  3. Such an educational post and a wonderful photo! Everything is so green, even the water! I love the thin bamboo-like plant in the foreground. Do you know what it is?

    Happy weekend!

  4. Great information and photo. I love your rainforest photo.

  5. Nice shot. Thanks for your excellent commentary.

  6. What a wonderful photo - so much GREEN! Beautiful! Everything is WHITE around here in January! Green in June!

  7. Thanks for your comments and information and lovely shot.

  8. enjoyed reading about the rainforests and so liked your captures. just lovely

  9. nice to see such a green watery reflection

  10. This is stunning. It's so incredibly green. Very interesting information in your post also. 80 inches of rain a year - amazing. Kathy

  11. Yes, Hilda. It is a bamboo plant.

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

  12. Very nice reflections of a very beautiful and green place! Eighty inches of rain...wow!


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