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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Venice in Malaysia

Couples coming to Genting Highlands for a holiday may like to go for a ride in this gondola. Perhaps they can imagine sailing down the canals of the world famous romantic city of Venice, Italy that is built entirely on water.

We in Malaysia can experience Venice at the indoor theme park of The First World Hotel, a theme park and shopping complex at Genting Highlands. This is one of the 6 theme areas which are named after famous cities and landmarks from around the world. The theme here is Italy - Venice.

The views around here are indeed spectacular. On the left is the bar and restaurants where one can wine and dine and enjoy love ballads and soothing music while there are shopping outlets, more cafes, fast food joints and theme rides such as carousels, ferris wheel, kiddy rides and children enjoyment at the Topsy Turvy Child Play Centre. There is even haunted house and Ripley's Museum for the more daring ones to enjoy. For the more adventurous ones, you can try Rock Climbing, bowling and snooker. Later, you can move over to see some live performances at the Genting Theatre or cinema.

If this is not enough fun and entertainment, how about some heart stopping moments at the casino which is within walking distance? There are 2 casinos at Genting Highlands.

Genting is also known as The City of Entertainment.

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  1. Expensive no doubt. I'm thinking the gondolier had better get his head down quickly.

  2. Genting's casinos are pretty old and no match to the newer ones in Macao. Maybe the group should build a new one in the highland...

  3. That gondola "driver" is wearing sneakers and I bet he can't sing in Italian! Impostor!

  4. i hvn't tried a gondola before.

  5. This is a fun shot. That would be a neat way to get around and see the sights. Kathy

  6. I've never seen an indoor gondola before!

  7. An indoor waterway..How great is that..lol...Michelle

  8. This looks exactly like a bridge in Venice. I have a picture so similar to this that I took in Venice that is pretty amusing :-)
    Sounds like this is a lovely place to visit.


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