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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Statue of Liberty at Genting Highlands

Today is ABC Wednesday Round 6
A is for

This is a monumental replica of the Statue of Liberty, a famous landmark of the United States of America. This statue is located at the indoor theme park of First World Plaza, Genting Highlands.

Somehow, I seem to be having problems with night photography. I am using auto setting for my point and shoot Olympus FE-4000 camera, with fill-in flash. The glare of the lights can't seem to go away even after I use the 'night photography' mode setting and turn-off flash. Therefore, the focus is also not sharp. If I focus the camera on the statue, the background will become too bright and blur. Do you have any advice on how to improve on this?

Today's post is an entry in ABC Wednesday Round 6, the meme initiated by Denise Nesbitt. For more information and photos, please log on to this site.


  1. That is a strange thing to see in Malaysia! ;)

    Without flash, you need a tripod or something stable to put your camera on. The camera should not move for a longer period than if it were a daytime shot. Since I don't use a tripod, I usually brace myself against a post. Or I'll actually squat and put my elbows on my knees. Of course if you do that last bit, be prepared for funny stares. ;)

  2. Thanks for honoring my country in your ABC entry. It's cool to see the Statue of Liberty there. Along with the Colonel and Pizza Hut! I've seen the statue in person, but from across the river. I'd love to go to her island and see her up close.

  3. Yes, a great symbol for our ancestors. It was the first thing they seen when coming from another country. Most people who came to the US came through on Ellis Island. I love doing genealogy. I guess being beside KFC and Pizza is another American symbol.

    In behalf of the ABC Wed. Team.

  4. as much as possible i try to avoid the auto mode at night. the effect is stark. it is best to play/experiment with settings to get the best effect. also if it is too dark, there are ghosts n inevitably there is also some shaking. i cannot really comment as i am not familiar with yr camera model

  5. A great shot and a delightful tribute to the US! Happy A Day! Enjoy your day!


  6. What an odd combo - Lady Liberty and Colonel Sanders! Made me laugh!

    I'm now part of the ABC Wednesday Team; thank you for participating!

  7. How interesting! I like the pizza and kfc ads alongside - that, too, is so American. :) Nice A post! I haven't a clue about the camera. Sorry.

  8. Hi, Everyone! Thank you very much for the comments and help.

    Actually I intended to crop away KFC and Pizza Hut because it look out of place with the photo. I couldn't do it because it was too close to the Statue. But I guess it turn out well, judging from your comments. At first I thought these are just advert signages since the KFC and Pizza Hut outlets are just nearby.

    Now, I'm wondering - Did the theme park builder purposely put them near each other to signify USA?

  9. There's also a replica in Paris of the Statue of Liberty, too! A is for Awesome photo!

  10. Actually I don't think the result is too bad, apart from the not-too-sharp focus. You can't avoid 'hot spots' with lighting that bright, especially at night.

    I'm not an expert, myself. What I do is use a normal daytime setting, and focus on a bright area, because what I usually want is a nice dark feel to the scene for a proper 'night' shot. But if you have a statue or something you want to have lit well, choose an area of mid-tone lighting. Not too bright, not too dark. And experiment!

    And yes, as Hilda said, without flash, you'll need a tripod. You can also brace yourself (but I still shake) or find a flat surface to rest your camera on while you take the shot.

  11. My grateful thanks to everyone who offered their valuable advice. I will be practicing my skills as per your instructions.


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