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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Student Accommodation at UTAR Main Campus in Kampar

This view is takan from the Tsing Hua Hostel at Westlake Homes, Kampar. It is situated in a valley surrounded by blue mountains. It is so nice to see mountains everywhere I went in Kampar town. However, I noticed that the weather here is much warmer than Kuala Lumpur.

Westlake Homes is a residential property located nearest to University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) main campus in Kampar. When I first came here to look for accommodation for my daughter, a friend whose husband is doing is doctorate at UTAR recommended Danish House. There is a large student population here and the place may be fully booked whenever a new semester begins.

Student accommodation here is managed by Danish House Sdn Bhd. You can view the room rates at UTAR website here.


a.Each room has bed, mattress, wardrobe, study table, chair, curtains, ceiling fan, ceiling light.
b.The common area, i.e. living room or hall is equiped with refrigerator, table, chairs, ceiling fan.
c.Bathroom has water heater, some at attached bathrooms.

a.Laundry service: Up to 7 kg per week (4 times per month).
b.Cleaning service: cleaning for common areas on a weekly basis.
c.24 hours security service.
d.Inclusive of internet broadband service

There is a grocery store, vegetarian food stall, computer and printing services shop here. There are also a few food delivery service operators where you can order from a printed menu. At least with many details taken care of, we parents have less worries but it certainly would burn a big hole in our pockets.

I heard that property prices here are very high. A 22' by 70' terrace house with 3 storeys and 8 rooms, 5 baths can easily cost up to RM half a million! This is the same price of a semi-detached double storey house in Klang and maybe a bungalow in smaller towns.

The new township next to UTAR campus is called Kampar New Town. There are more convenience shops, mamak shops, chinese restaurants, cyber cafes and shops selling stuffs that student need. There is also a hotel in new town. Once a week there is a pasar malam (night market) on Wednesdays. During the weekends, students can go to old town to sample Kampar's local cuisine and lifestyle. Watsons and KFC are already here. McDonald's just open its doors last month at Kampar new town.

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  1. Kamapr has vibrant economy, thanks to UTAR and KTAR.

  2. Nice!! We also have these kind of residential properties here in the Philippines.. =)

    Nice shot. Simple, candid yet, great. =)

    Anyway, here's mine. Hope you could visit too.


  3. That's what I call very nice and scenic housing for students!

  4. Such nice view for the residents there!

  5. ot bad. very condusive enviroment for student to study....and maybe pak tor :p


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