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Monday, August 30, 2010

Concrete Art at Grand Kampar Hotel Perak

This is a concrete sculpture at the fountain display in front of the Grand Kampar Hotel.

Kampar is a town in the state of Perak, Malaysia. Kampar was rich in tin deposits when it was founded in 1887. It was a booming town until WW1. Later, with the collapse of the market for tin in 1985, many tin mines closed down and Kampar became a sleepy hollow. Recently this town is once again bustling with activities due to the opening of University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) campuses in Kampar. With an enrolment of 20,000 students from the 2 institutions of higher learning, it is hoped that Kampar town will be restored to its former glory.

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  1. Very interesting this post. Beautiful sculpture. Thank you for sharing it.

    greetings from roberto

  2. This sculpture has so much detail - fascinating.

  3. Concrete is a wonderful material that many do not realise is more versatile and beautiful than those horrible 1960's concrete buildings that have given concrete a bad name.


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