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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Milennium Momument Putrajaya

Here's another view of the Millenium Monument at Pricinct 2, Lake View during the Putrajaya Floria 2010 Horticultural Show event that was held from Jul 10-18th. The buggy provide transport for some visitors who are tired of walking.

Yesterday, I posted a monochrome view of this monument from another angle.

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  1. Nice, I've never visited Putrajaya.

  2. Very interesting and beautiful place. Did not get to visit when I was there in KL.

  3. The Obelisk is a very conspicuous landmark, but i fail to remember seeing this in Putrajaya. That cruise and night visit of the central park are memorable and remind me to still go there again sometime in the future. I love how Putrajaya was made and how it looks like now, when the development processes were already healed.

  4. Nice :) I often go to Putrajaya...must have missed this.

  5. I like them both, the monochrome and the color. I haven't visited this blog of yours yet. I like it!

    Thanks for the nice comments you left for me on my family blog. I am sure our daughters would be friends too! :)



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