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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Dragon Pillar at Chin Swee Caves Temple Genting Highlands

Dragons are potent symbols of good fortune in Chinese culture and fengshui. The most powerful of all dragons are heavenly dragons. An example is seen here. This golden dragon is coiled around a pillar inside a temple at Chin Swee Caves Temple, Genting Highlands. It is floating among clouds and there is a magical pearl in the mouth.

The dragons we usually see have 4 claws. Dragons with 5 claws are meant only for the Emperor who is regarded as the "Son of Heaven", hence only the imperial family can have them. In the old days, anyone else having 5 clawed dragons would be put to death. Similarly, not everyone can withstand the powerful chi of this 5 clawed dragon.

Have you seen a 5 claw dragon?

This is my entry for Thursday Challenge, the Photo Theme this week is GOLDEN (Jewelry, Coins, Sun, Leaves, Fields, Hair,...). To view what others have for today, click here.


  1. i just love the fine architecture.

  2. Such fantastic ornamentation! And thank you for the lesson about the claws — I found that very interesting. One of these days, you will have to explain to me what the magic pearl is about. ;)

    Thanks, Autumn Belle!

  3. I am fascinated by dragons and their stories.
    Lovely post.

  4. interesting piece of information. I didnt know about the 4 claws and 5 claws.

  5. This is a wonderful piece of art and golden. Dragons are special :)


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  7. So fine and beautiful! Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I had no idea abt the claws significance. Thursday Challenge entries like yours and some more people I found on the list inspired me to participate as well! C ya around. Here's my small attempt - http://pic-k-s.blogspot.com/2010/10/thursday-challenge-golden.html


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