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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lakeview at Putrajaya Princinct 1

I snaped this photo of the scenic view across the lake at Putrajaya Pricinct 1, the venue of Floria 2010. After I downloaded the picture, I saw this couple who happened to pass by. Somehow, they seem to complement and fit into the picture nicely. Actually the venue was very crowded during the flora show and it is very difficult to get a picture without anybody in it. The steel structure on the top right corner is part of the famous Sri Wawasan Bridge.

Scenic Sunday

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  1. Very pretty, and you're right, the couple fits in

  2. This is so beautiful, what do you think about the skyscraper that is planned to be built.

  3. They perfectly fit in this photo, such a great place to walk hand in hand with the love ones.

  4. Hah? Another skyscrapper? I thought Putrajaya is already a skyscrapper city!

  5. May you have a fruitful week :D


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