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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wholesalers of Kuala Lumpur Chinatown

This is a window display of a wholesale toystore at Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur Chinatown. This store sells many varieties of children soft toys, plastic, wooden as well as electrical toys and game sets. Many of these items are made in China and some from Taiwan and Korea. Some shops sell direct to the public while others are wholesalers who prefer to sell in bulk at dirt cheap prices.

There are also quite a number of costume jewellery, apparel, fashion accessories, handbags, bling-bling, premium gifts, handicrafts and souvenir shops here. At the air-conditioned shops, the prices are usually fixed and no bargaining is needed. Prices vary depending on the quantity purchased. For example, at a wholesaler, you can buy 30 pairs of a certain type of earrings at RM 0.99 each. That's the minimum quantity. Maybe you can buy this as souvenirs for all your friends and collegues back home. The retail price for the same type of earrings is around RM 4.00 per pair. At the small stalls along the road side, you will need an eye for detail and great bargaining as well as negotiation skills.

To find these shops, you need to walk outside the main pedestrian mall and further up the street. You can even find shops selling party paraphernalia, Halloween, Christmas and New Year decorations. The supplies change according to the seasons. Some of the shops are opened only during the day and they close after office hours.

Looking at the picture above, can you what is being reflected from the glass window.

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  1. that's a lot of soft toys....nice reflections

  2. I came, I clicked, I saw...
    Teddy Bears. They really are cute.
    "If you go out in the woods today
    You're sure of a big surprise.
    If you go out in the woods today
    You'd better go in disguise.

    For every bear that ever there was
    Will gather there for certain, because
    Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic."
    Lovely post Autumn Belle.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  3. Nice shot of an unusual display.

  4. Never aware of this toy store. But I have not been to Chinatown for a long time...

  5. Thank you so very much for the nice comments. I will visit you soon.

  6. Nice picture. It's fun to stare at it and try to see all that can be seen and to figure out what is reflected.

  7. Teddy Bear Town in Kuala Lumpur Chinatown... lol

  8. hi, i would like to get the address or the exact location of the teddy bear & souvenier supplier very badly... i hope u can help me with it! i appreciate it alotz.. thks in advance.


  9. Hi Logessh,

    I have already replied you via email.

  10. Hi,
    Can you give me your shop address? need to survey teddy bear price for school reunion. Maybe around 50-60 pcs..i got some request too..hope to hear from u soon. TQ


  11. Nuri, I already replied to your email.

  12. hi..i would like to get the teddy shop address and the exact location.Maybe you can give the landmark to this shop.Hope you can help me coz I need the teddy in bulk for my school project.Hope to hear from you soon.TQ in advance.

  13. Hi, Amy. I got the details of the teddy bear wholesaler from one of my blog readers. I hope the seller won't mind me publishing it here since you may need the details urgently but never give me your email address. I'm sorry I can't recall the exact location. You need to call them to find out:

    Kiddie Love Enterprise
    Ms. Wei Lee
    NO 116 Jln Petaling, 50000 KL.
    email: kiddielove116@yahoo.com
    tel: 03-20727878
    fax: 03-20780878


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