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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pasar Seni LRT Station near KL Chinatown, Central Market and Klang Bus Stand

The Pasar Seni LRT Station is located very near to Kuala Lumpur Chinatown. It is served by the Rapid KL's Kelana Jaya Line. LRT stands for light rail transit. Pasar Seni is named after the Central Market nearby. Central Market is a Malaysia Herritage Site and another main tourist attraction. Pasar Seni or Pasar Budaya as it is known locally, is located along Jalan Hang Kasturi and it was formerly a wet market established in 1888.

At this station, we can reload our Touch 'n Go cards and there is also the ATM (autoteller) machines. In the picture, people are queueing up at the ticketing and service counter. I noticed that there are quite a number of foreigners and tourists taking the LRT here.

These are hand sanitizers placed on the table for the public to use as a prevention against H1N1 flu. This is also a lift and disabled friendly washroom facilities here.

The LRT Route Maps are prominently displayed at the notice boards here.

These are self service ticket vending machines. We need to get ready some small change to buy tickets from the machines. If not, we can also buy them at the ticketing counters manned by staff who also act as customer service officers.

Here is a view from the LRT station. In the far end is a train station and walkway leading to the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station which is served by the KTM commuter trains. This station is just 400 metres away. The colourful graffiti you see here is drawn by self made artists on a monsoon drain along the Klang River that flows through Kuala Lumpur city and Selangor state. In this picture you will also see a red taxi passing by, some buses waiting at the bas stand and a KTM commuter train passing by from under the flyover. Can you spot them all?

Here is another view from the LRT station. This is the Klang Bus Stand where we can board buses to other towns such as Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Klang and Port Klang (formerly Port Swettenham). Klang Bus Stand is the oldest bus transportation hub in Kuala Lumpur and is still is one of the busiest. In front of this bus stand, there are many taxis available. In the picture, the buses are coming in from Jalan Sultan. If we wish to go to Petaling Street and KL Chinatown, we can take a walk up there via Jalan Sultan. Central Market is also within walking distance towards the left.

This is the front view of Klang Bus Stand. There is a taxi stand just in front. Petaling Street and Chinatown is towards the left. The Pasar Seni LRT station is on the right. The Pasar Seni station here is one of Kuala Lumpur's main bus hubs. From here, there are many Rapid KL buses for destinations around the city. You just have to take note that there are a few bus stands here depending on the destination. Don't worry, if you are confused, you can ask the bus management company's staff who are in uniform and they will assist you.
For more information on Rapid KL's trains and buses routes and fares, please click on Rapid KL's homepage here.

This is my entry for the fun and wonderful weekly memes, Scenic Sunday #70. To participate or view other pictures around the world, click here.


  1. Wow. Thanks for the comprehensive tour of this transportation hub. Looks like one can get almost anywhere from here!

    Happy Scenic Sunday!

  2. That is quite true Hilda. You can get to KL Sentral to take the KLIA express to KLIA for flights departure or take feeder buses and taxis to bus terminals for outstation destinations. This applies to arrival and departures. That is why this hub is so busy.

  3. I did not have a good experience over here.

    My wife was picked-pocket during our visit three years back.

  4. This is certainly a busy hub and a touristy place with the Central Market located there. it's good that we have the LRT but we need an integrated system for people to commute more conveniently.

  5. Thanks for the tour, it looks like a busy place.

  6. Rainfield, I'm so sorry to hear about your wife's unfortunate incident. My friends have also advised me to be extra careful in busy places like this.

    Sunshine girl, actually I was quite surprise at the cleaniness and modern factilites at this station.

    Eileen, this LRT station is very busy probably because it is transit hub as well as near to the main tourist attractions.

  7. Quite a tour around the transportation area! Let's go!

  8. If I take a train and stop at KTM Stesen Kuala Lumpur, is there a walking path to Pasar Seni LRT station?

    1. Foo Wah, yes, there should be a walkway from KA01 Kuala Lumpur KTM Station to Pasar Seni LRT Station which is about 400 m walk away, connected by a pedestrian bridge crossing the Klang River.

      You can also take LRT from KL Sentral to Pasar Seni. It is only 1 stop away.

      Please take note that I had posted this in 2009. Quite a number of landmarks has changed since then, eg. the Klang Bus Stand is no longer there as it has been demolished to make way for new development.


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