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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

J Card Member Day at Jusco 1-Utama

Today is ABC Wednesday Round 5
S is for
...... Sensational Sale

Yesterday and today was J Card Member Day for Jusco Bandar Utama department store. It is a special day for J-Card members only to Shop,Shop, Shop at the Sensational, Sizzling Sale. Prices are slashed down by as much as 80%!
This section is for guys. There are T-shirts, slacks, track suits, luggage bags and sports wear on sale.

Ladies view this sale seriously. Some drop by during lunch time. There are even some who take leave from work to come here. This is serious business. Kids have to tag along, grandma, grandpa and even the maid servant's help is needed today. Sisters are most welcome to join. Sales people anticipate a huge crowd, so they even take down orders if you come a day earlier before the sale to try out and select the clothes and underwear in advance. On sale day, you just have to go and pay before you collect the goods. There are so many people that you may find it suffocating and some dear souls may suffer some fainting spells eventhouth soothing songs are played via the stereo PA system.

After a long day of shopping and bargain hunting, now is the time to redeem your vouchers. You get a RM 5.00 voucher for every RM 100.00 you spent on supermarket items and RM 10.00 for other items. Just look at the long queue. But don't worry, the security staff are on hand to help maintain order. So shouting matches, screaming, pushing and shoving were avoided and everything went smoothly.

After seeing all these scenes, I bet you can understand why The Rainforest of 1-Utama is such a welcomed relieve for the tired body, mind and soul. How you wished you could get home fast to have a good, invigorating soak or perhaps a cool refreshing shower.

Look! There is even an ambulance waiting here to take care of any emergencies. Either you go home or to the hospital! Ha Ha!

Don't worry if you bought the wrong items or change your mind within 7 days. You can exchange the goods provided you keep the receipts. That's what I call great after 'sales service'.

I used to get very excited whenever I see the word SALE in a shop window. I must get inside to check it out, otherwise I will suffer from severe withdrawer symptoms if I didn't get my 'fix' . Now, I shudder, shiver and sometimes break out in cold sweat when I see such a scene. I'd rather go home to play a game of scrabble and have some tea and scones before I smoke some spare ribs and make seafood spaghetti for dinner. Or should I season some meat to make sizzling steak to go with Scandinavian chowder soup instead? Maybe I'll go and buy some salmon sashimi and sushi.

Today's post is an entry in ABC Wednesday Round 5, the meme initiated by Denise Nesbitt. For more information and photos, please log on to this site.


  1. Wow! That does look like a busy shopping day! Great shots! It's beginning to look like that here, too. I hate to shop even with no crowds so it looks like a nightmare to me!!

    Have a great day!


  2. wow sale!!! $$$

    and i love those luggage on the 1st photo

    my entry is here

    have a Great Wednesday :)

    Thanx for the Visit :)

  3. Sometimes I wish I liked to shop - this does look like a super challenge! Excellent shots!

  4. Malaysians like to ridicule Singaporeans for being kiasu, but judging from the crowd...

  5. haha... you write well, enjoy your post. True, true, true so typical of a scene in our bolehland...

  6. So people are busy now for Christmas shopping..I hope they spend wisely.
    Anyway..happy shopping on this mega sale.
    PS: Nice photos.

  7. Uncle Awang, I am very sad I am still unable to access your blog to visit you and comment. Each time I click on it, my page hang! What can I do???

  8. Shopping - well, let's put it this way: I won't be out there on Black Friday in the US.

  9. They must be very good sales, judging by the long queues.
    What brand is the coloured luggage in the first photo?
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  10. Blossom Flower Girl, the signage above the luggage says "Beverly Hills Polo Club 20" Skycab at RM 99.00".

  11. Oh yes, I love sales! It looks very busy there.

    On behalf of the ABC Team, thanks for participating.


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