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Monday, November 23, 2009

Horse Riding at Titiwangsa Recreational Park

This is the horse stables at Titiwangsa Recreation Park.

The public can enjoy horse rides during the weekends and public holidays.

The opening hours are as follows:

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays and School Holidays
Morning session: 9am - 12noon
Evening session: 3pm - 6pm

The charges are as follows:

1. Horse riding - RM 1.50 for adults and RM 1.00 for children for 1 round
2. Horse drawn carriages (4-5 persons) - RM 1.00 for adults and RM 0.50 for children for 1 round

For horse riding, a trainer will walk with the child or parents may wish to personally escort your child. For horse drawn carriages, the ride will take you on a quick tour around the stables and the park. During weekdays, you may get permission from the management to walk through the stables and take a look at the horses.

I think horse riding will be an enjoyable and fun experience for children. What a great way for kids to learn to appreciate animals. At RM 1.00, it is cheaper that kiddy rides at shopping centres. After all, here is a beautiful recreational park with plenty of greenery, blue skies and fresh air.

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  1. nice mono, i like how you captured the horse. btw, thanks for the visit and nice compliments!

    if my lil' girl sees this, she will ask me to bring her there. :)

  2. It's an especially good thing for city children to experience.

  3. wow! great mono....look at the horse, gleaming in the sunlight!

    btw, i love the new header!

  4. A lovely mono landscape, and an excellent activity for children of any age. ~ Calico Contemplations

  5. Your post reminds me about Taman Melawati, the place I had stayed for 3 years during my college time.

  6. I think that's the 4th horse I come accrooss on the blogsphere today, plus some saddles in Tamarindo. Nice shot, as always!

  7. horse riding is definitely a fun learning experience for any kids.

  8. How much is 1 RM in $? Just to have a feel for the price of a ride.

  9. Kids will certainly have fun there!

  10. Therese, at the rate of 1USD = RM3.30 the ride costs around 30cents.

  11. Where is Titiwangsa, sounds like a Maori place LOL

    It is very cheap to horse riding at your place.

    Ours costed $50 for 3 hours, I used half of taht, no no refund.

  12. Wonderful pictures! Wow, such a low fee for a horse ride! I should try it myself. I guess, it's to encourage the public to make use of the facilities.

  13. Nice shot. Really captures the spirit.

  14. I was amazed at the low cost too. Titiwangsa is located in Setapak which is a major suburb of KL. It is around 15 min by LRT from Setapak to KLCC. By car it takes longer due to traffic jam.


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