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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lyssa zampa the Malaysian Brown Moth

This "flying trapeze" found hanging upside down from my bamboo plant is about the size of my palm, which is 6 inches or 15cm in diameter. It can fly quite fast. Its common name is Laos Brown Butterfly. The scientific name is Lyssa zampa. It is a species of moth from the Uraniidae family commonly found in Malaysia and Indonesia. It's normal wing span is between 100-160mm and flies from June to August. Its larvae feeds on the endospermum species of plants. For further details, you can visit The Moths of Borneo's webpage here.

Do you like moths?

This is my entry for Thursday Challenge, the Photo Theme this week is BROWN (Animals, Soil, Coffee Beans, Trustees, Furniture,...). To view what others have for today, click here.


  1. This is huge! How did you learn its name?

  2. Khengsiong, I did a google search and got the details from Wikipedia and The Moths of Borneo's webpage.

  3. I knew i would learn or see a nice picture here before i clicked on your link,indeed i was right...

    never seen anything like this before,,,, hey i added you to my blog list already, cos i like your blog after a number of visits here,, thank you

  4. Looks like a bat

    Moth...chinese say it's spirit of the dead come back to visit their family

  5. Eugene, welcome to my Daily Photo blog. It is an honour to be included in your blog list.

    Small Kucing, I think it looks like a bat too because its head and body are full of hair/fur. And you also know about the belief of the soul of the dead in moths. I don't mind, if they happen to be my late parents paying me a visit ;>)

    Moths are neccessary to our ecology. They help to pollinate a lot of fruit trees.

  6. I didn't hvea teddy bear or a doll when I was growing up.

    Your moth reminds me of home in Sarawak.

  7. Simply incredible and incredibly beautiful a very good photograph of this specimen as well :))

  8. ooohhh....I got this one few weeks ago but didn't manage to capture it nicely.. Yours are perfect!!

  9. Very nice, Belle. Looks like a beautiful leather clad critter.

  10. very nice! wow! never saw such a thing in my life.

  11. I've caught one for my biodiversity insect experiment ^^ it's beautiful...I hav a hard time finding its name...mine measured 15.3cm...as big as a palm


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