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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Funtoystic Christmas 2010 at Mid Valley Megamall KL

“In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.”
..... Friedrich Nietzsche 
(German classical Scholar, Philosopher and Critic of culture, 1844-1900.)

When I was a kid, I'd like to believe that toys do come alive at night while everyone is fast asleep. How I wished that I could see them move and talk and enter into world of the Tin Soldier, Ballerina, Golliwog, the Ginger Bread Man, etc and play with them.

What is/was your favourite toy?

This is my entry for Thursday Challenge, the Photo Theme this week is TOYS (Dolls, Games, Stuffed Animals, Athletic Equipment, Construction Toys, Art Supplies,...). To view what others have for today, click here.


  1. My best companion during my childhood is the LEGO building blocks!^-^

  2. You read Enid Blyton too? yup...and dream of the Faraway Tree :D

  3. Alice, my childhood best companion is a cardboard paper doll that I draw myself. I also draw and designed her clothes, handbags, boots and other accessories. I keep her pressed among the pages of my textbook.

    Small Kucing, Enid Blyton is my favourite author, until today. That was were I got to experience all the adventures in toyland and later about England's boarding school, castles, dungeons and secret tunnels.

  4. I remembered playing with paper doll, so much fun! Last time we just need creativity, lots of discarded items were used as toys.

  5. A toy display to charm and excite kids big and small!
    Merry Christmas from EAGAN daily photo

  6. absolutely beautifulll... it must be so much fun :D
    lovely capture


  7. Fun! We had a wooden toy soldier from when we went to see the Nutcracker, but it broke. :-(

  8. What joyful colors and toys! I could be perfect for color carnivale!

    My favorite toys were discarded bottles, boxes, cloths, etc. which I kept in a shoe box. I missed it so much! My toys now are my huggable dogs! They are funny and alive!


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