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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Mini Crystal Lamp for Christmas

I spotted this mini crystal lamp at a gift shop. Some of the ceiling lights are being reflected on the glass top.

Do you think it is a meaningful gift for Christmas?

This is my entry for Weekend in Black and White, the link is here. My grateful thanks to Dragonstar.


  1. Maybe not VERY meaningful, but it's so pretty!

  2. Very nice! I love to do shopping during the Christmas and Chinese New Year season, there are so much variety on sale!

  3. when I was in Pri 4, my friend went to Miri, I bought a Christmas decoration for $1.50, which was all my savings. I posted it, it never arrived. My dad said, I should have registered it. Now it is hanging in some postman's Christmas tree.

  4. Dragonstar, it is even more beautiful when it is lighted up.

    Jama, yes, there are really many new gift ideas now.

    Small Kucing, the frosted glass makes it really look like snow.

    Ann, it is indeed sad to wait for gifts that never arrived. As a kid, I do enjoy receiving and opening presents very much.

  5. That is so beautiful must be really special lit up :)

  6. It depends to who you give the present to!^-^ I would prefer a good book or some candies for X'mas pressies!;p

  7. I think that this lamp is one of its kinds. I haven't seen any lamps with that kind of design before. You are so lucky that have it.


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