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Sunday, May 1, 2011

City Daily Photo Theme Day for May 2011 - Mailbox

This is the post office (Pos Malaysia) in the little town I grew up in. It is in the outskirts of Perak state, Malaysia. The red mailbox on the left is for general mail while the yellow one is for express mail. The twin buildings on the right behind the pos office are the W.C. or lavatories (for staff and not for the public).

The building used to be a converted kampong styled house with stilts. The office is at the front portion of the building while the back portion of the building is used as the living quarters for the postmaster.

During those days, there was only one postman and he delivered letters by bicycle, rain or shine. The bicycle was red in colour and the letters or documents were put inside a bag which he carried around with him. We loved to hear the sound of his bell… Ring! Ring! Ring! It meant that we have letters and news from afar. Later, his bicycle was upgraded to a motorbike. Mr Postman also acted as the translator or letter reader for the illiterate villagers and town people here. Some of them did not have valid addresses (e.g. squatters or those who stayed close to the ulu-ulu jungle) but he knew where to find them to deliver the letters, aerograms, parcels and packages. We could also also hand over to him our letters to be posted. Those days many of us do not have a telephone line. Sometimes, he brought urgent news which may be good or bad in the form of a ‘telegram’. Everybody in town knew him, our one and only Mr. Postman. … Oh yes, wait a minute Mister Postman, wait Mister Postman. Please Mister Postman, look and see, Oh yeah, If there's a letter in your bag for me...

When I was little, I used to come here with mum and sister to deposit our Chinese New Year ang pow money, coin savings or savings from pocket money from grandpa, grandma, mum and dad. I really looked forward to coming here. At other times, I would also come here to buy stamps, first-day covers or aerograms to post to our pen-pals from overseas. Sometimes mum would accompany our neighbour, Aunty YT here to help her deposit her hard earned savings. Aunty YT was illiterate and made a living holding a few jobs e.g. ‘dulang-washing’ for tin ore, tapping rubber trees for latex, growing vegetables, rearing chickens and ducks or doing odd jobs like washing clothes or sweeping house compounds. She used to hide her savings under the pillow or in urns under her bed. Quite often all the money would get stolen. One day, mum taught her how to save money by opening an account at the post office. She was very happy when she found that she could earn interest from the money saved and see her money grow.

Have you ever saved money at the post office?
Do you still remember your post office savings book?

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  1. I clicked on your post out of curiosity, when I saw it in the CDP portal. Your story is nostalgic, full of memory and awe. Thank you for sharing it; I loved it.

  2. Ah! Those were the wonderful days,it's always nice to think back sometimes.

  3. very interesting and hard to believe there were two types of mailboxes

  4. Cool. We have the same red and yellow set up in Sydney too and I've featured both too.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  5. nope...did not have saving in the post but in piggy bank

  6. Fun to see you post office and the yellow and red mailboxes! Nice snap for today's theme day!

  7. we still have that kind here in Ipoh.

  8. Money was saved in a piggy bank - the clayey ones! The postman were really good - they were your friendly Postman Pat!!

  9. Just remembering a fabulous program seen years ago, about delivering the mail on Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean. The postman was delivering mail to some lost villages in the mountains (volcanoes), walking, as there are no roads. Walking for 7 days, spending each night in a different village. This is not ancient history, it is still like this.

  10. A very nice blog...
    Enjoyed sailing through it.
    and I did save some money in the Post Office, maybe when I was in high school some 35+years ago. Forgotten entirely about it.
    Have a nice day.

  11. Hei...just drop by from Eugene's blog out of curiousity. Probably because I love food and photography as well. Drop by for a visit and drop a tip or two....http://mynikonni.blogspot.com or my baby blog at http://babynme2008.blogspot.com...Cheers...

  12. I remember about saving money in post office saving book ..those day we save Rm10.00 every month consider large amount..


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