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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lemang and Rendang

This is a lemang stall. Each bamboo stick contains lemang for sale, ready to be served. This stall is situated at Taman Rashna, Klang, just a short distance away from the Taman Rashna Chinese Primary School. It is very popular with customers and enjoys brisk business.

Lemang is a traditional delicacy available especially during the current Hari Raya Aidil Fitri season. Lemang is popular in Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia. It is made of glutinuos rice and coconut milk (santan) baked in bamboo tubes over a charcoal or wood fire. Young banana leaves are used to line the bamboo before the rice and santan mixture is poured in. Salt is also added according to taste. Cooking lemang takes around 3 to 4 hours.

Look at the amount of firewood needed by the store owner to make enough lemang to cater to his customers. Usually this stall is opened for 1 month during the festive season.

Lemang is usually served with rendang. Rendang is made from beef, chicken or mutton. The meat is cooked in coconut milk, shreded coconut and spices such as ginger, tumeric, galangal, chilli and lemon grass.

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  1. Both Lemang and Rendang look very delicious ! It would be interesting to taste them because they are so different from Scandinavian food !!!!!
    Thanks so much for your comment in my blog :)

  2. Thanks for posting this Malay delicacy. My late father used to make this twice a year (Aidil-Fitri and Adha), and I know to make it. Alas time constrain prevent me from making this. Just buy it!.

  3. Traditionally lemang & rendang must go together.Well,honestly this is one of my favorite sometime go with satay sauce.

  4. Looks delicious!! Would love to try it some day! Wonderful shots and very interesting! Thanks for sharing this part of your world!


  5. Wonderful shots. This looks and sounds delicious. Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. wow! looks yummy, I love to taste it...


  7. So interesting. It reminds me of lontong rice cakes.

  8. Oh ya... Lemang and rendang are yummy stuff!

    Can't wait for Raya!

  9. Makes me hungry just to read this. A pity so muh wood is burned in the cooking process.

  10. I just learned plenty. That was interesting. Thanks.


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