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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Waterfall in a Green Garden

G is for ........
the Green plants with Gorgeous flowers at the Great Green Garden that lies within a Green environment.

This is a landscaped waterfall in a Green Garden at the rooftop of 1-Utama, a shopping complex. This garden uses chilled water sourced from 1-Utama's air-conditioning system and also recycled rainwater to cool and irrigate the plants. This is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly garden.
Here's the Gorgeous blooms:

Goldenrod (solidago sp) flower with a Good Garden Guest, the Cerceris wasp.

Golden Candle (pachystachysllutea) flowers in full bloom.

Lastly, today is also the lunar 14th day of the 7th month, the day of The Hungry Ghost Festival!

Today's post is an entry in ABC Wednesday Round 5, the meme initiated by Denise Nesbitt
For more information and photos, please log on to
this site.

This is also my entry for Watery Wednesday #51. To see what others have posted or to participate, click here.


  1. All the green is so relaxing. What beautiful photos.

    My post is over at www.ewok1993.wordpress.com

  2. Beautiful golden flowers in the field of green!

    Thanks for the comment left in my cats blog. Hope you did not get confuse where to go with so many I have. :)

    Nice to meet you Belle!

  3. Gorgeous greens are great anytime.

    Linky still on the blinky I'm sad to say.

  4. Always good to go with GREEN, which is my last name. Nice pics.

  5. Such colorful, happy pictures.


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