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Monday, August 17, 2009

Monochrome Weekly - Klang Bridge

This is Klang's Jambatan Kota (City Bridge), one of the 2 main bridges that links North Klang with South Klang. The Klang River flows through and separates Klang town into the north and south regions. North Klang is a commercial hub while South Klang is the centre for entertainment, shopping and leisure activities. Besides the government administrative offices, all govenment and private healthcare facilities are also located in South Klang.

This bridge is always jammed with traffic. During peak hours, it is a bumper to bumper crawl. Everyone want's to avoid this jam. The jam is caused by road works in front of the tall building, Metro Plaza. Metro Plaza is the landmark of Klang town. It currently houses the Inland Revenue Board and the CIMB Bank.

Can you see a giant TV screen in front of the flag poles? It is for advertisements.
Can you also see a railway line in front ot the coconut trees?

Click on the picture to see (a) people dining in a 'warong' (mini restaurant) and (b) beautiful lamp posts.

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  1. Great photo! Thanks for the info on your country, too.

  2. There is something very "earthy" about this shot. Very nicely done.

  3. there r so many beautiful pic opps in the country... sometimes i just dont see them :)

    great shot

  4. Interesting and informative.
    Thanks for participating and welcome to the Mono Weekly.

  5. This reflects the traffic in Malaysia. Penang also has heavy traffic during the peak hours.


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