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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Putrajaya Seri Wawasan Bridge

Putrajaya is the Federal Administrative Capital of Malaysia. Here is the view of Jambatan Sri Wawasan, Putrajaya (Bridge of Vision) from Princinct 2. This futuristic cable-stayed bridge has a sail ship appearance and is the main link that connects Pricinct 2 on the core island to the residential area of Precinct 8. Pricinct 2 is a mixed development area.

Construction of Putrajaya Bridge started in 1998 and was completed in 2000. The structure has two 53m high pylons at each side and an arch bridge in the centre. This is picture shows one of the pylons. Length of bridge is about 300m.

The lampost in the foreground has a 'Wau' (traditional kite) design.


  1. A beautiful looking structure. It does resemble a ship's sail.

  2. Both the bridge and the lamp are beautiful!

  3. Putrajaya,I don't want to miss this place..whenever I have trip to KL:)


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