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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mangosteens Are In Season This Month

Where there are durians, there will be mangosteens on sale. Same season. Some people believe that durian is considered a 'warm' food, therefore eating mangosteens help to balance our body by 'cooling' it down.


  1. About 45 years ago I started a mangosteen from seed in my garden. I grew for 3 years and it looked very good. It died in a cold winter. Back then I tried to grow breadfruit and it died in second year due to the cool weather. Now I have a healthy breadfruit tree on it's in the third year. My garden is warmer and I might try a mangosteen again.

  2. love the fruit... too bad it's only seasonal in our country... ^-^

  3. That was about the time I saw some in Coles when I went shopping in a regional centre. I live quite a long way from this chain supermarket. I bought some and tried them, very nice.


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