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Friday, September 3, 2010

Petronas Twin Towers - A View From KLCC Park

This picture is taken from the Children's Pool at KLCC Park. When you take time to walk around KLCC Park, you will discover many spots where you can take scenic shots of the Petronas Twin Towers.

At KLCC, what is your favourite spot for taking photographs?

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  1. Great perspective. Always enjoyed this building

    Houston Daily Photo

  2. What a beautiful scene! Great capture. Love to visit KL someday.

  3. KLCC is so big. I managed to take photos of the two tall towers. The position I was in was quite awkard...lol. Almost have to lie on the floor to try to capture the whole towers. Very beautiful photo and hope you have a nice weekend.

  4. A wonderful capture and very impressive against the blue of the sky.

  5. I remembered last year when I was here, my camera decided to died on me , luckily I have my camera phone, better than no photos at all, right? lol

  6. The Petronas Towers are one of several skyscrapers that I will never tire of seeing. It's a magnificent piece of architectural engineering!

  7. I was here,you are correct another nice spot for photographer.One day i try to go there around 07:00-07:30PM,

  8. The ever famous twin towers! The park must be filled with photographers, this is such a great angle! ;D

  9. Superb photo, I have fond memories of my time in Malaysia.

  10. This must be the legacy left behind by Mahatir.


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