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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sunset Stroll at Gurney Drive Penang

Gurney Drive is a seafront promenade located in Georgetown, the capital of Penang state, Malaysia. This stretech is a very popular tourist destination famous for its variety of hawker food and shopping centres.

2. When the sun begins to set, this is when activity starts. Some come for a healthy jog or stroll while others walk their dogs here. Friends meet up for a chat and couples come here hand-in-hand to enjoy the romantic sunset views.

Gurney Drive was previously known as the New Coast Road. It was completed in 1936 along what was then known as the North Beach, and renamed in 1952 after Sir Henry Gurney, High Commissioner of Malaya from 1950-1951.

The lights in the distance is the Gurney Drive hawker centre. The beaches along Gurney Drive are rocky and no longer suitable for leisurely swims or beach games due constant coastal erosion over the years. In recent years, a land reclamation project at nearby Tanjung Tokong has reversed the erosion and resulted in a gradual build up of silt and mud off Gurney Drive.

Mangrove saplings have sprouted in the mud, which is now frequented by egrets and other birds as well as mudskippers. There are suggestions that this area be reclaimed for a recreational park or allowed to develop into a mangrove forest.

Source: Wikipedia

Would you like to see this area here to be developed into a mangrove forest and recreational park?

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  1. Beautiful clouds! And I like reading about the land reclamation!

  2. Such gorgeous skies and clouds, seemingly changing as the day slips by! Terrific captures and a very interesting post for the day! Thanks for joining us -- as always! Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Hey,, good morning,

    speaking of Gurney Drive and sunset,i have not really been there strolling along the promenade when the sun really sets, simply because the traffic jam is unbearable as far as i am concerned,,, so usually i go in the afternoon, cabut before the late evening,,,

    have a great weekend...ya

  4. oh my you have beautiful skies! splendid photos.

  5. Beautiful place and skies photos. Love to visit there one day.

  6. Better if a mangrove forest is allowed to grow there. Great shots.

  7. Well... mangrove or recreation it's anything better than to reclaim the land and make it a commercial area!^-^

    Speaking about hawker food, I'd prefer Pulau Tikus than Gurney Drive!;D

    Wishing you a splendid weekend!

  8. more excellent shots..congrats

  9. eh you went Penang..Lovely view. Gurney Drive sure have changed a lot

  10. Lovely series, especially the last two :-)

  11. That looks like a great place to walk and the bottom photo is beautiful!

  12. It was a beautiful place. Sad that it is rather polluted right now. Hopefully, people would be more environmental conscious.

  13. Nice view of a changing skyline of Penang.

  14. Absolutely pretty sunsets! I have to visit Penang soon :) Happy 2011..the year of the Rabbit..did you see the huge bun in Jusco?

  15. Beautiful collection Autumn Belle, love the reflections so so beautiful!


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