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Monday, September 14, 2009

Water Fountain at KL Orchid Garden

This picture is taken at Taman Orkid (Orchid Garden) Kuala Lumpur. It is located just in front of Bird Park.

The Kuala Lumpur Orkid Garden was officially opened in 1986 and covers an area of approximately 1 hectare. It has around 800 species of orchids. Study and conservation of orchids are also done here.

Opening hours are from 9:00am - 6:00pm
Admission is FREE on a weekday
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are charged at RM 1.00 per entry
Tel: 603-2617 6000

This is my entry for Monochrome Maniacs. My grateful thanks to Aileni for hosting this wonderful site. For other MM posts around the world, please click here.

Post publication note: Thank you very much to Aileni for selecting my entry to the List of Accolades for the Week Begining Sunday, 20th September 2009.


  1. Nicely captured in monochrome,wonderful:)
    Have a nice day.

  2. I like the contrast as well..perfect fountain shimmering with the leaves-

  3. Good job,it isn't easy getting that water to stop in mid air.

  4. That photo is both amazingly and artistically fantastic! What a beautiful fountain. I can almost hear the whisper of running water just looking at the photo! I really wish I could see it in real life. How incredible! (I love nature, water, and art, can you tell?
    Alias Rxalel Ariabelle (a.k.a. Sounds of Silence)

  5. I was immediately drawn to your image on Aileni's page. Just beautiful; even more so in larger format.


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