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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bedazzled Christmas at the Curve, PJ

The theme this year at the Curve, Petaling Jaya is " Bedazzled Christmas at The Curve". This is Malaysia's first pedestrian style shopping mall.

At the Centre Court area inside the mall, spectacular Christmas trees were adorned with twinkling, bright lights and beautiful ornaments. The colour scheme here centres around gold and copper. There were the traditional Roman pillars and white columns and looking up I could see flying angels and cupids and beautiful sparkling chandelliars. I was spellbound by such a magnificient display of ambiance at the Curve. Sounds of Christmas carols and baroque instrumentals filled the air. One will not run out of gift ideas here. There are so many shops and outlets offering a wide variety of goods, from cookies to clothes, fashion accessories, home decor and electronics. To top it all, there's a SALE going on!

Outside at the Street Market, a Filipino Band entertain shoppers with their melodius singing. Her voice was so sweet singing the sentimental oldies that soon I found myself humming and singing /whispering along. I really liked them.

There are many stalls here at the Street Market with vendors selling Christmas gifts and realted items like ornaments and cookies. There are also many many food outlets, from western to oriental, along both sides of the street.

During the day, this place is decorated like a lush green garden. By nightfall, it is transformed into a winter wonderland. Look! There are many people already gathered here at the Piazza, waiting patiently to experience snow falling in tropical, equatorial Malaysia.

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  1. Nice, I like yr first shot the most :)

  2. the curve itself is very special.

  3. I didn't visit malls that much this year. No time. Only Pavilion and Mid Valley and both were not that great. I like the band playing music and serenading. Nice addition to the place.

  4. Wonderful holidays lights - everything looks so festive!

    ... Unique Chritmas Tree

  5. Magnificent!

    Like the decoration in the first pic...

  6. Wow..that is so beautiful and festive looking....Michelle


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