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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Turtle Pond at Mushroom Farm Genting Highlands

These are real turtles resting on the slap of stone. There seem to be a population explosion of turtles here in this pond at The Mushroom Farm, Genting Highlands.

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  1. This is a special kind of tortoises... These are architect-tortoises, very rare. See, they're building a skyscraper.

  2. As long as they all get along.

  3. Awesome picture! It's like they're all fighting to be on top to get some sun.

  4. I LOVE I LOVE!!!

    I have a super soft spot for these cuties (having a pet turtle myself).

    Such a big family. What a beautiful sight. And their curious little heads sticking out like that...tooo adorable. ^_^

    (This is what happens to me when I come across turtles!>_<)

  5. This looks like something kids call 'stacks on' in Australia. :)
    Sydney - City and Suburbs


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