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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love Lock at Kwan Yin Tong Cave Temple Ipoh

At the Guan Yin Tong (Kwan Yin/Kuan Yin/Goddess of Mercy) Cave Temple, here is a place where couples in love can buy 2 small padlocks, write their names and vows and lock them together on a 30.4m long chain running along the limestone hills behind the temple. The key will be thrown away into a designated pond, never to be found. This will ensure that the couple will be tied together, forever never to be separated.

It is interesting to note that the practise of using love padlocks started way back in the 1980s in Hungary. Since then it has spread to Russia, Latvia, Italy, Guam, Uruguay, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, Germany, Ukrain, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, UK, France, Netherlands, Slovenia, Denmark and now in Malaysia. Source: Wikipedia, here.

Do you think this is romantic and will you try this method?

This is my entry for That's My World Tuesday Season 2 Episode 48. To view what others have in their world, please visit here.


  1. That's really interesting! Fun post for the day! As for me, I'm way past the age when that would be personally interesting! Have a great week!


  2. what a lovely love rock. i've seen something like this in Huangshan, china where padlocks left on a chain by lovey-doveys to symbolize eternal love.

  3. These are giant love locks... When I read the title, I was thinking about small padlocks installed by lovers.

  4. That is so cool. Wonderful photo!

  5. So, all those silvery things on the fence are padlocks? What a lovely "love" idea. It doesn't seem to have made it to Canada yet, but our country is so large most people never make it from one side to the other. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Alberta, Canada

  6. Interesting. I've heard about places like this.

  7. this proves that the world is just one small village where the habits are so easily picked by the others :). great photo!


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