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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Gift of Time

Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.
~Dion Boucicault

When we are buying gifts for someone, there are some taboos to observe in my culture. If you are buying a WATCH as a gift to your boyfriend or girldfrind, it is OK. In Cantonese, there is a saying, "piew sum" where 'piew' stands for watch and it also sounds like grab or take away, while 'sum' means the heart. So it shall mean wining his/her heart.
If you give a CLOCK to an old man or woman, especially on his or her birthday, it is TABOO! This would mean that you are telling the poor fella that his/her time is up!
Therefore, do be careful when choosing the gift of time as presents to someone.

What kind of gifts would you like or not like to receive?
This is my entry for Thursday Challenge, the Photo Theme this week is TIME (Hourglass, Clock, Sundial, Calendar, Wristwatch, Old, Young, Aging,...). To view what others have for today, click here.


  1. Autumn Belle i didn't know that, i only know of pointed objects like knives as gifts. I learned that Thais also have that belief. So the recipient gave at least a coin, peso or maybe whatever coin you have to give back as if he paid for it and not received it freely.

    I am amazed at your ability to handle 2 active blogs.

  2. Andrea, you are right! I have read about this remedy too in Feng Shui books. Giving back with a red packet or coin is like paying for or buying the item, therefore not a gift anymore, so the jinx is gone.

  3. It's a fun little clock! There is a Jewish custom to give knives with pennies on them, because it's not considered good luck to give knives. Can't remember the "why" of it.

  4. Chinese don't usually give clock as present...


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