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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Lotus Pond Near UTAR Campus Kampar

There is a beautiful lotus pond near to the UTAR campus  in Kampar.  The 3-storey high houses in the background are popular among students from KTAR and UTAR. Many of the units are managed by Danish House but they are some houses which are individually owned and occupied by the home owners or rented out. The whole area is called West Lake. From our experience, Danish House is good choice for students' accommodation as they are properly managed and they provide adequate and efficient service (e.g. cleaning services, laundry, broadband internet access). Moreover, it is a gated and guarded enclave. However, the prices for food and accommodation here are very expensive, or should I say the most expensive in Perak state. It is like staying in a hotel resort! Pity the parents who are financing their children through tertiary education.

The most economical and common mode of transportation for students here is by bicycle as the buses are few, far between and always overcrowded. Of course, there are some lucky ones who own motobikes and cars to commute.

UTAR stands for University Tunku Abdul Rahman
KTAR stands for Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman (a college)

I hope you can see the reflections of the blue sky and white clouds on the water.

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  1. Beautiful reflections of the sky in the water and the lotus are gorgeous! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  2. This is a serene beautiful pond, soothing the stressed soul during the day. YOu should have spelled out that accronym UTAR the first time it is mentioned, most especially for us, your readers, who are not Malaysians. Thank you.

  3. Slyvia, Shirley, Wenn and Andrea. Thank you for the visits and comments which I appreciate very much.

    Andrea, my caring friend, thank you once again for correcting me. hehehe!

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  5. reminds me of the delicious lotus seeds. Used to buy fresh lotus seed from pasar to eat

  6. This is a very nice shot of pond. I like the way te water seem to be so impetuous in the back, and so peaceful on the foreground...

  7. That looks like a beautiful place to live while studying. Much better than my humble quarters back in the day.

  8. Beautiful reflection, interesting perspective. The student houses do look desirable and how nice that they have a peaceful lotus pond view.


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