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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Photo Hunt # 239 Itchy

The theme for  # 239 this week is ITCHY.


  1. looks like fireworks.....LOL

    Once when i was a kid, saw a caterpillar on a cucumber vine. I thought it's budding cucumber...touched it...terkejut LOL

  2. definitely itchy once touched!

  3. I remember the black hairy ones in Sarawak. Oh very itchy if you touch it.

    You really should make your loved ones a quilt. In the beginning, you just cut and store, then you assemble and sew. making the stars are very worthwhile even though it was very hard to make.

    Then tell them it is only for decor, not to be use. Like the Ang mos do, they last for generations.

    I promised my nieces to show them how to do the stars, but have not done it. The tradition is dying, esp the Chinese patch work.

    May be I post about it, and get people interested.

  4. haha, it really is itchy. But the details of the caterpillar is so vivid in your photo, beautiful. I bet it will become a very pretty white moth. I have a white moth photo which i dont know the caterpillar, maybe like that one.

  5. I will stay away from it, after I had my fill of photographing it! lol

  6. Nice to see - don't even THINK of touching! :D


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