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Thursday, April 22, 2010

All Inn Cafe for Tong Shui Desserts in Ipoh

The All Inn Cafe in Ipoh Old Town is located opposite Kedai Kopi Kong Heng. It has a very creative name, big colourfull posters of mouth-watering desserts and kueh. Looks good. I have tried the 'tong shui' here. It tastes good.

All Inn Cafe
2, Jalan Panglima
30000 Ipoh, Perak

Tel: 019-5569872 or 016-5571263 (Contact: May Lee)

As shown in the picture above, our deserts soups and herbal drinks use a lot of fragrant pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius) leaves. Some of the ingredients used include the following:

a) dried stuff like longan, lotus seeds, fungus
b) canned lai chees
c) pumpkin
d) tubers such as yam, sweet potato, tapioca
e) grains such as wheat, sago, barley,
f) coconut milk
g) beans such as red beans, mung beans, black beans
i) sesame seeds including black sesame seeds
j) glutinous rice (black and white)
k) gula melaka (sugar molasses), rock sugar, cane sugar
l) quail eggs
m) fruits such as honey dew, papaya

Many of us believe that drinking 'tong shui' helps towards a good complexion. It also 'cools down' our system during heaty spells.

Your Say - What comes into your mind regarding the name, "All Inn?

This is also my entry for Thursday Challenge Theme which is "FOOD (Meals, Restaurants, Eating, Vegetables, Unusual Foods, Cooking, BBQs,...)".


  1. The pictures look so inviting! I see so many of my favorite desert there.
    Re:your comment- the filling of those bread were mincemeat curry , courtesy from my kitchen.

  2. Looks delicious too. Will certainly try during my next trip to Perak.

  3. A very interesting place. It's a pity this is so far, I'll try happily everything I know and some of what I don't know!


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