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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ching Ming Festival

Monday, April 5th 2010 is Ching Ming Festival Day where families visit the graves to pay their respects to the departed.

This is my entry for That's My World Tuesday Season 2 Episode 26. To view what others have in their world, please visit here.


  1. Oh so it's April 5 for Malaysia? For us in the Philippines the day of the dead falls on November 1. Actually's that's All Saints' Day, and November 2 is All Soul's Day but for some reason people associate November 1 as the day of the dead and that's usually when the cemeteries get filled up with people. Living people, I mean. Ha ha.

  2. It was raining very hard on Qing Ming day in San Francisco. I didn't go. My family went earlier to pay respect to our grandparents.

  3. It's busy time for many people. the last time I attended Ching Ming was my great grandma's grave...a long time ago. Interestingly, looking at your blog..we do live in the same town :)

  4. Most people visited the graves on Sunday...

  5. This is an interesting event. I think it's really worthwhile; wish we did that more here.


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