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Friday, May 14, 2010

Skywatch Friday Season 4 Episode 44

I have just changed the design of my template. The designs are from Blogger In Draft. I first knew about it from M. Kate. My grateful thanks to her.

1. Do remember to backup your template before making any changes
2. Remember to backup your blog regularly

Yesterday night, I accidently changed my whole template when I dozed off while formating my blog! I was very tired. So backups are very important. After all this is your hard work and masterpiece, so don't lose it forever.

For more Skywatch Friday Season 4 Episode 44 pictures and to participate, please visit the Skywatch site.


  1. Beautiful sky and flowers.

  2. haha! talking about back up, I've had a few heart attcks in the past ..but thnakfully, it was ok. And, Jusco was bursting with people the past few days..phew, it's over..I think.

  3. A two in one here. Beautiful sky and lovely blooms.

    Well, we always learn our lesson the hard way. But that is a good reminder for us. Thanks.

    My SWF is here: cbanga360

  4. Wonder what that beautiful flower is called.
    Great shot!! (I have had my template for ages just to avoid trouble ::wink::)

    skywatch in Valencia

  5. This shot is taken from an interesting angle. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Very nice photo!
    Well, I like your new layout! Mine is from Blogger in Draft as well, and I know from experience that Mac users sometimes have problems with those layouts. And yep, had a few bad experiences as well. So, BACK UP, BACKUP, and.... oh yes: don't forget to backup

  7. beautioful flowers, dear¨

  8. Beautiful shot, the flowers are pretty.


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