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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Challenge - Work

Today is the second day of J Card Member Day at Jaya Jusco, Aeon Shopping Mall, Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang. This time, J Card member day is 12 - 13 may 2010.

Now, what has it got to do with work?
  • a lot of work is needed to make this sale a success
  • the sales staff, cashiers, security guards, cleaners, storehands, logistics and admin staff have to work extra time
  • some people take leave from work in order not to miss the bargains
  • maintenance staff have to work extra time to build and dismantle the support equipment such as wiring, shelves and display units
Did I left out any work?

Ah yes, I went there. Did you see the 80% signages???

Every RM 100.00 I spend on cosmetics and general merchandise, I get a RM 10.00 voucher. For every RM 100.00 I spend at the supermarket (groceries and frozen stuff), I get a RM 5.00 voucher. I get a 5% rebate for every RM 500.00 charged to my AEON credit card, I earn extra 500 J Card points!
Not enough money to pay for electrical items? No problem! Can apply for instalment scheme.

After going on a 'Retail-Fasting' for some time, I am ready for some 'Retail Therapy'!

I was hard at work shopping! Now I need a rest.

This is my entry for Thursday Challenge Photo Theme which is "WORK" (Creative, Manual, Tools, Work Spaces, Uniform, Office Equipment,...)


  1. oh...if my husband red the alst part : INSTALMENT SCHEME , he will kill me..

    nice post


  2. So, Autumn Belle, what do you do when you relax and take a break from all the hard work of shopping? Good one; made me chuckle.

  3. Hahahaha, my dear friends.

    I just spend within my budget plan. I didn't get trapped by the instalment schemes, hip hip hooray!

    For relaxation after the shopping spree, I soak my legs in warm water, do a mask and sleep. Then I felt optimistic, so I started dabbling with HTML codes in my template. Halfway through, I fell asleep and accidentally hit the 'Save Template' button. The result? A facelift for my blog!


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