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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ABC Wednesday Round 5 - U for Uraria crinita

Today is ABC Wednesday Round 5

U is for the
Uraria crinita ...... !

Botanical name of this medicinal plant: Uraria crinita
Common name: asian foxtail
Malay name: ekor kuching (cat's tail)
Chinese name: 兔尾草 (rabbit's tail grass)
Java name: buntut anjing (dog's bottom)

This native plant of Asia and tropical Australia has many 'identities', having a different name in different cultures. The flowers come in 3 shades of violet, pink and white. It's roots, leaves and flowers has medicinal uses. Don't you think it is UNIQUE?

Have you seen this plant before?

Today's post is an entry in ABC Wednesday Round 5, the meme initiated by Denise Nesbitt. For more information and photos, please log on to this site.


  1. I haven't ever seen that plant before, but how interesting! And it's a lovely one -- whatever it's called! Love the color!



  2. What a beautiful flower - so strange it is described as the tail of so many different animals, when it doesn't look like a tail at all!

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  3. it looks like it's budding

    A smile from SJ =)

  4. I think I have seen this plant before, but never knew its name. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I am from the Philippines but I haven't seen like this flower before or I might just didn't noticed. But this is really unique thanks for sharing!

    My ABC Wednesday Here

  6. Oh, this is so very pretty : ) It makes me long for spring!

  7. That's a beautiful plant - just beautiful. I've never seen anything like it!

  8. I haven't seen that unique plant before, it's wonderful, love your shot!!

    U is for unoccupied

  9. I do not know this plant at all. Lovely.

  10. Nice pix, different perception gives you all sort of names.


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