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Monday, February 1, 2010

City Daily Photo January 2010 Theme Day - Wood

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This is a typical Malay Kampung House in the rural area of Perak, Malaysia. Almost the whole house is made of wood. When I was a little kid, I have stayed in a similar house before. My parents were teachers and they were given a government PWD (Public Works Department) house to stay. Because the walls are made of wood and supported by stilts, it is actually quite cool inside eventhough the weather is hot and sunny outside. I love to play masak-masak (cooking), hide & seek and happy family with my friends, cousins and siblings under the house. Our pet cats and dogs love to nap here too. Some people keep chickens here. Those families that live in houses with higher stilts can also hang their clothes or fix a hammock under the house. Also, whenever it rains and there are flash floods, wouldn't you be glad you have a house like this?

Have you ever live in or visited such a house before?

A real Malay Kampung House

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  1. a great choice and this image works for theme day and shares with us local culture!

  2. This is a lovely example of your rural housing, Autumn Belle. I like very much all the detailing around the eves.

    Good post for our February Theme Day.

  3. Appreciate the history. What are the majority of Malay houses now made of if not wood? Sounds like wood is the exception rather than the rule there.

  4. Modern Malaysian houses are mostly made of cement and concrete. These kind of traditional Malay wooden houses can still be found in the rural areas and villages.

  5. Being raised up high makes for a very sensible (and attractive) house! I wonder if a concrete house would be as cool.

    Good choice, wood and monochrome together!

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  6. This type of houses are getting less common these days. Thanks for sharing with us your photo :)

  7. Amazingly, it looks so much like the older houses still found in some provinces in the Philippines. Raised floor, porch, wood, ornamentation — everything. Fascinating. Makes me wonder where the connection is.

  8. Got a buddy, a Malay teacher where we used to hang out together in his house.

  9. A lot of the original homes here were similarly constructed. Most are long gone, however.

  10. Wonderful, I would love to live in a house like this!

  11. Lovely. It's great to learn about how other people live, and that house is a fascinating place.


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