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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kuan Yin Temple Klang

E is for .....
Examination, and

Today is the 4th Day of Chinese New Year. This is the scene at the century old Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) Temple, Klang. Families with children who are still studying come here to pray to the God of Education for excellent study and examination luck. According to the almanac, today is an auspicious day to do so. They came to the temple with offerings of incense, joss papers, flowers and mandarin oranges. Some also believe that offerings such as garlic will help the child excel in calculation/mathematics, celery will make him/her hardworking while spring onion is for intelligence and leek is for wisdom.

Today's post is an entry in ABC Wednesday Round 6, the meme initiated by Denise Nesbitt. For more information and photos, please log on to this site.


  1. A fantastic contribution to ABC Wednesday!
    Thanks so much for contributing.
    Denise (ABC Creator & member of ABC Team)

  2. Whatever edge one can get in succeeding in life, one should take!

  3. Magnificent temple! And I find the info about the herbs fascinating. Never heard of it before. Thank you!

  4. Always love your interesting and informative posts along with your great photos and this is another great one!


  5. I love the temple photo - a great life in your city portrait! It reminds me of visiting temples in Taipei! Happy Chinese New Year!

  6. Nice picture! It definitely captures all the action.:P

  7. Lovely temple photo! I like the way the various foods relate to life experiences. Excellent post.

  8. I am an MBA student, but no longer care about exam grade...

    The temple looks beautiful...

  9. Beautiful temple and excellent education!

  10. I pray with and for my kids every where. We don't have to go to the church or temple.

    Praying gives them a calming effect.

    I remember seeing people running to be the first to place the burning joss sticks. Is that in taiwan or Hong Kong??


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