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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Decorative Mural Ceiling

Lights being reflected at the ceiling and pillars at the lobby of the luxurious 5-star Maxims Genting Hotel. The home page of Genting Highlands Resort is here.

This is my entry for Weekend Reflections # 22. To participate or view what others have posted for Weekend Reflections, please visit here.


  1. Very fancy pillars and ceiling! At first, I thought it was the interior of the Autumn Belle Palace!
    : - )

  2. A gorgeous ceiling and reflections!

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous ceiling! Great perspective, and the reflections are a nice bonus. Kathy

  4. Puerko Rico, USA is going
    to a similar adventure
    in real estate, that
    Jakarta went through.
    I read in the NY Times
    that there was vegetation
    and trees growing in unfinished
    buildings forty/fifty stories
    Have you seen any of those
    buildings? Were they finished

  5. That is a very beautiful ceiling. Great reflections too.

  6. wow,what an eye-catching ceiling. lovely reflections too.

  7. More elegance from you -- rich image.

  8. Great! So this is a hotel in Genting?

  9. Autumn Belle, that is a magnificent ceiling and an excellent photo. The reflections are wonderful. What is the nane of the hotel? I'd love to see it - it is now "countdown" - only 18 days and I will be in Malaysia!

    Thank you for your lovely Valentine Day wishes, I hope your Valentine Day was special and you had a wonderful day.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  10. What an awesome mural and ceiling! The pillars too!

  11. Hi, everyone. Thank you very much for the visits and comments. I have been busy lately due to my Chinese New Year celebrations, therefore I'm not posting and commenting as often as I'd like to.

    I have included the name of the hotel and direct link to the resort home page, to answer Khengsiong and BlossomFlowerGirl's questions.

    BlossomFlowerGirl, welcome to Malaysia. I wish you a safe, enjoyable, pleasant and memorable journey.

  12. Lovely especially the birds.. a very Happy and Healthy New Year... Michelle


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