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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lichun The First Day of Spring

This week on 4th February 2010, we shall welcome Lichun, the first day of spring, ahead of the Lunar Chinese New Year which falls on 14th February 2010, also Valentine's Day.

The picture collage above has been composed of scanned images taken from red packets. These are some of the things we like to have or see during the festive season. In this entry of My World Tuesday, let me explain the meanings behind each picture.

Top row from left to right

1. The rectangular boxes is an example of a couplet we like to hang on both sides of main door to homes and offices. A couplet consists of 2 verses with auspicious sayings in poetry form. In the picture it says, "When spring arrives on Earth, prosperity and power is abundant."

2. The picture with "Fu" characters, is usually hung upside down when we decorate our homes and offices to denote prosperity that comes from heaven.

3. The "Chun" denotes spring. We like to display this character of any sayings that have this word to signify the coming of spring, a time of regeneration and growth.

Bottom row, from left to right

1. The words "Hua Kai Fu Gui" means 'When flower blooms, prosperity comes'. Beside the phrase is a pot of peonies, the Queen of Flowers in Chinese culture. The peony or mudan (牡丹) is the flower of riches and honour, romance and beauty. In Malaysia, we can't find read peonies, so we make do with silk flowers and put them in beautiful vases.

2. Cai Shen (財神) is the Chinese God of Prosperity. Just like Santa Claus who makes children happy during Christmas, Cai Shen is welcome by everyone, from young to old. We all want to welcome him to our homes. In Malaysia, you can see him on his rounds during promotions at shopping complexes and offices distributing red packets and sweets to kids and adults also like to receive gifts from him. Some people will touch him to 'get the wealth'.

3. A pot of citrus limes or tangerines with the words, "Tai kat tai lei" meaning 'abundance of wealth and prosperity'. We like to display them near our main door for wealth and prosperity.

Note: Please click on the links for further details.

This is my entry for That's My World Tuesday. To view what others have in their world, please visit here.


  1. I do so enjoy your posts each week! I love learning more about your culture! Today's post is a great example of what I mean! Thank you for sharing your world/culture with us. This is where peace and understanding begin. Thank you!


  2. aah.. thanks for sharing the meaning of these chinese characters.. quite a banana i am so it's good for me to learn ;)
    actually is Li Chun celebrated in China or other parts do u know? nothing much is done here in malaysia...

  3. Actually many of us do not celebrate Lichun as Lunar New Year is more important. As for me, I will hold special prayers on this day. Lichun day is a good day this year to welcome the Wealth God and God of Prosperity.


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