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Friday, April 9, 2010

No Plastic Day Campaign

I am happy to know that McDonald's Malaysia is giving their support for "No Plastic Day" campaign. The news was published by The Star newspaper, tittled, "Golden Arches Go Green in Penang."

McDonald's 18 outlets in Penang will replace plastic bags with paper bags every Monday to Wednesday. It has also started to use paper instead of foam for its beverage cup from last month.

McDonald's has 194 outlets in Malaysia and employs about 8,000 workers. ..The Star

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This is also my entry for last week's Thursday Challenge Theme which is "Environment".


  1. It's a good thing... What about a no McDonalds day? A no junkfood day?

  2. Very earth friendly, thanks to McDonalds and the sky looks happy for it.

  3. That's great that the bigger multi-cultural corporations are joining the green campaign. Here in San Francisco, we banned styrofoam a few years back, and most grocery stores use paper, not plastic papers.

  4. Good to learn about the various movements against use of plastic...

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