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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Historical Statue for Monochrome Weekend, Issue 40

I'm not sure who is the historical person depicted here. Can anyone tell me?

This is my entry for Monochrome Weekend Volume 2 Issue 40. My grateful thanks to Aileni and Dragonstar for hosting this wonderful site. To participate or view the world in monochrome, please click here.


  1. Is it the famous King Tutenkamen of Egypt?

  2. You shot this picture in museum?

  3. I don't know which Pharaoh this would be, but it makes a good monochrome.

  4. Should be..........King Tut :)

  5. Hi, everyone! Thank you very much for the nice comments. I took this shot at a hotel resort. It is a decorative display on a table.

  6. I have no idea but that is beautiful! :D

  7. Looks like our annoying neighbor... Well, anyway, you'll be surprised to know that Klang has something in common with Paris today, through this photo. Yep! There is a theory that says that Paris was founded by some roaming Egyptians, which would explain the name of the city's first inhabitants, the parisii or parisis. A little statuette of the goddess Isis was dug out during an archeological search in the early 20th century and seems to support the theory. Who knows?

  8. Anyway, it is my favorite 'crazy theory'.

  9. I looked up King Tut's sarcophagus on Google images and it is not Tut. I'm sure it's a good replica of some pharoah.

    Nice picture.


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